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Other: Reality Cameos
People who exist in real life, but show up in Snail Dust anyway.

Jenny, and Chris Troute

The artist makes occasional visits to the comic. Chris has also been featured on occasion.

Tom Morris

Tom appeared once.


Becky Martz, Jenny's best friend from late high school.


Colt's just this guy, you know?

Other: One-Shot Characters
Named and/or known characters who show up once or twice, but likely never again.


Tanya was in one of the first comics. I think she was supposed to be a recurring character, but for some reason she never came back.

The Me Girl

The "Me Girl" showed up in an early strip as a symbol of my frustration with snailydust hata's.


Steve, more a friend of Andy's than of Ondine's, once gave them a ride home from the mall.

The Sign Guy

The Sign Guy, who actually exists in real life, sits on street corners holding up enigmatic signs. He rocks.


Evelyn co-starred with Mr. Sock-Zombie in the cult classic Night of the Living Sock-Zombie.


Well, of course dust figures somewhere in here...

Rod Serling

Rod Serling appeared in Ondine's room at one point. Then she attacked him with a chibi mallet.