Year 1: Pixellated Beginnings

Ondine Has A Comic
The very beginning. In which it is established that, yes, Ondine does have a comic. Little happens here.

Enter The Snail
Here, for the first time, the strip's title makes some kind of sense. Ondine's life will never be the same again.

     Year 1.1: Not So Pixellated

To the mall
The gang heads to the Brea Mall, with wacky adventures resulting.

Snails make odd pets
At home with Ondine and the snail.

My Little Obsession
If you want to read something that involves My Little Pony and unpacking, look no further!

To the beach
Ondine and Mav head to the beach. What is Mav thinking? Who is the mysterious stranger Ondine meets? Why does the sun shine?

Regarding Mario Kart
In which Cassie is introduced. Also, explosions.

A Happy Fun Frolic
Ondine and Andy do what they do best: rampage through innocent places of business, deriving amusement where they see fit. Also, Halloween Peeps.

Random Cameo Week
Featuring cameos from Sluggy Freelance, It's Walky!, Blue Neon, and more!

Ro Again
Ondine meets anew a past acquaintance, and deals with terrifying professors.

Snailyflies and Craigs
Ondine takes the snail outside. Will he be discovered?

Year 2: Look, ma, hands!

A Watchmen-inspired storyline.

Sims Dust
What if Snail Dust took place in the world of The Sims?

Currently being recommended as a good starter storyline. Is Ondine really a potential killer?

A Day Out For Snailyflies
The snail goes on a magical adventures involving dumpsters and small children.

Mav is a writer
He is, you know. Also: "ragefully"?

What would you do if you were trying to do your homework while someone seemed to be stalking you?

AMISALAP Extravaganza!
A Monkey Is Small And Like A Peach, by Ondine Gianti: coming soon to a comics syndicate near you. Or maybe not.

A fun-filled romp full of wacky mistaken identities and kooky misunderstandings when the snail "becomes" Ondine for a day. Bracing!

Year 3: Tastes Like Color

Zoogawkery Revisited
In which Ondine comes to terms with her onetime stalker from the "Zoogawkery" storyline.

Mr. Sock-Zombie!
The beloved character's very first introduction.

Searching for Josh
Josh has disappeared -- and no one knows where. Can Ondine, Andy and Percy find him -- before it's too late?

Wanna go outSIDE
The snail, now in plant form, wants to experience the great outdoors. But what he finds out there may be more than he ever imagined.

The Chosen One
What if someone told you that you had been foretold as their Order's Chosen One? Would you listen? Would you go with them to their Order's stronghold? And if you did, would you be prepared for what you found there?

Never trust a sock-zombie
What horrors might the sock-zombie inflict upon humanity if he is not stopped? You won't find out here, but you will see undead laundry!

To The Block
Ondine and Andy travel to the indoor skateboard park at the outdoor mall, but it is not only skateboarders they find there.

Year 4: Serling And Nothingness

Time Warped
Ondine meets God, and finds the nature of her universe fundamentally changed. Also, Rod Serling promises to be good.

Year 5: A Hiatus From The Hiatuses

Dawn of the Sock-Zombie
Ondine and the members of HMpi watch this classic movie (based closely on our real-world classic, Dawn of the Dead). Thrills!

Everybody Hates You
I make no secret of hating Everybody Loves Raymond. But what if you could make it somehow actually be funny?

     Year 5.1: Brushing Up The Art Style

What starts as a reference to I Love Bees turns into a storyline of rhyming inanity.

Year 6: [catchy name to be determined]

Crisis and Betrayal
When it seems that Ondine's worst fears about the sock-zombie are about to be realized, she turns to Eta Mu Pi for help... but can she trust them?