Snail Dust is dead, at least for the conceivable future. As much as I had some interesting things planned for later down the line -- and boy, do I ever -- the day-to-day work of creating sd just isn't fun right now. Given that I get little out of it except fun, you can perhaps see why I've made this decision.

I may at some point bring the strip back, in some form or fashion. I honestly don't know. If anything new develops, you'll likely see it in my LiveJournal first. But I don't recommend that anyone holds their breath.

I am involved in a new webcomic project -- Four Panels, which is either a webcomic that's about movie reviews, or a movie review site composed solely of webcomics, depending on your viewpoint. It is written by my good friend and roommate John Sears, and drawn by yours truly. You have no idea how many dozens of times the lack of an idea stopped me from being able to put up a comic on time, or a comic that I was happy with. Now I don't have to do the hard thinking stuff, so I can concentrate on improving my chicken scratches!

The Snail Dust site and its archives aren't going away any time soon. I'm just closing the eyes on this corpse, is all.

Comic for August 12th, 2005
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08/01/05: Here is a newspost, because mecha wants me to make one.

Are you enjoying his comiclike madness? I sure am!

07/08/05: Ever tried growing up in southern California without ever living anywhere that had air conditioning?

I don't recommend it.

07/06/05: Technically I am cheating a bit with this one, because the "Lem-n-Lime" drink was bought from a Meijer, and I don't believe there is such a thing where Ondine lives. Still. "Love It?" Back off a little there, Big Brother.

07/04/05 again: Ha ha ha! Take that, horrible brain tumor.

Also, some of you might protest that this is somewhat spoilery re: Land Of The Dead. However, they totally tell you as much in the trailers, and so I make no apologies.

07/04/05: Ugh. Don't you hate it when you put off doing something, and then just as you sit down to finally do it less than two hours before the deadline, your head starts hurting really bad? Yeah. Me too. This is why there is no comic yet, and not any stupid holiday-related reasons, because I am not a total loser.

Presumably the horrible brain tumor will quiet down in time for me to put it up at some point today (Monday), and I TOTALLY intend to have it up before the update auto-runs Tuesday morning. Sorry about this.

06/09/05: Ha ha! I am a dork. It was supereasy to fix the whole "click on wrong part of title graphic, get a 404" thing. So, now it is fixed. Oops.

06/08/05: You may be wondering what is up with the scanner. Well, the money wound up having to go for silly things like rent payments. Eventually roommate's mom will make it up for me and give me the money to buy a scanner. Until then, I'm still stuck using the digicam. BLARG.

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This week(ish)'s link is to The Stiff, by Jason Thompson. Technically I never ever read comics from the Modern Tales family of sites, because I do not have the money to get a subscription and that makes it pretty much impossible for me to keep up with any of those comics. But a bunch of them are free until June 11 because of that one awardy thingy, including this one, which is REALLY REALLY GOOD. It is pretty and weird and oddly mysterious. If you like gorgeous b/w page-style comics that involve spooky hypnosis and zombies and, I dunno, magical dopplegangers or something, all mixed in with normal everyday quandaries, then you will love this.

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