Everything that used to be here sucked a great deal. Now there is a whole new set of graphics, and I plan to add a few more 88x31s (as I love that size) and a 468xwhateveritis at some point in 2006 maybe. I'm kind of lazy.
Remember that simply linking to the images here is stealing bandwidth. If you are going to use one of my link images, you should use a copy of the image that is sitting on a server you control or have an account on. That way I do not cost Jeremy any more in bandwidth than I already am.

Also, feel free to turn any of my artwork into a linking image, as long as it does indeed link back here and you're not doing the bandwidth-stealing thing. If it is really groovy-looking you can share it with me if you want, and then I can put a copy up here and other people can use it too.