Sometimes (it is random I think) you will see a [Transcribe] image above a comic. Clicking that image will allow you to transcribe the comic. Here are some complicated instructions for how to transcribe things the Jenny way! I know it looks scary, but keep in mind that I vet everything before it goes into the search database, so if you make a mistake it will not make everything bad forever.

  • Hit return once after each person's dialogue, and twice to start a new panel. If someone has two or more word balloons in the same panel, separate the balloons in your transcription with a slash.
  • Ignore italics or bold, but if something is all-caps then transcribe it as all-caps.
  • Include who is saying each line. If it is a random person, calling them Random Person is fine. Or Nondescript Dude. Or whatever. Use your best judgement.
  • If a line comes from offpanel, transcribe it as Person [offpanel]: "whatever"
  • Narration is transcribed as Narration: "whatever"
  • Descriptive arrowy text is transcribed as [insert text here]
  • Sound effects are transcribed as [SFX: whatever]
  • Text describing actions is transcribed as Person: *whatever*
  • Thoughtbubbles and reactiony punctuation are transcribed as . o O (whatever) (that's a period, a little o, and a big o there)
  • After the transcription of the comic proper, if there is silly tagline text, hit enter twice and then transcribe it as [Tagline: whatever]
  • If you are not entirely sure what something is, and/or I used some weird symbol or something instead of real words, put the questionable bit between some question marks.
  • If a panel has no dialogue, sound effects, or other transcribey things, ignore it and move on to the next panel.
  • If a given strip has no words whatsoever, *and* no silly tagline text (are you remembering the tagline text?), it requires no transcription.
  • You can just leave the title field as what it fills itself in as.
  • HTML does not work!
Confused? Here are some example comics!

The snail: "Hi."
Ondine: "Greetz, yo."

Ondine: "Oh no! / I am suddenly on fire!"

Narration: "But really, the fire was software. In cyberspace."

[Tagline: Confucius say, "Wha? How would I be saying anything? I'm DEAD!"]

Ro: "Corey?"
Corey [offpanel]: "What?"

Ro: . o O (...?)
The snail: *shrug*

Ro: "You used to have a mullet."
Corey: . o O (She's learned my secret... I have only one choice.)

[Tagline: Unauth repro results in yet more transcription rules]

Get it? Yay! Let's transcribe!