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Escargot "Hate" is such a strong word... Because nonexistent fictional characters have artistic urges too Rampagey! Based on a true story Blue Snail Of Death A snail to be afeared of

My snail gets eaten by Sushi

Julie Miyamoto explores snail emotions

Andromeda (yes, the sd character) takes a turn on mspaint

Jon Morris creates a Frankensnail

Chris pokes fun at one of AndyBecky's many foibles

Chris reveals what snails do when no one's around

Lee Adam Herold spits on charcoal, then turns out this piece

Yes, little snail.  Wheee. graaaaaains... That Joshua Hawke is just too smart for his own good. I... don't know either. Be the first on your block to own one! An airy fellow!

Lord Brutha Emsworth windowhurls a happy snail

The parabird advocates snail violence against zombies...

...then has some first-hand
with such

TROUT! Hooray for the parabird! Andwoo aka Emsworth likes making balloon animals!

Recoloring by Tirdun Recoloring by Tirdun Recoloring by Tom Goulet

Recoloring of
this strip by

Recoloring of
this strip by

Recoloring of
this strip by
Tom Goulet.

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Seriously, though, everything that comes from me is mine, everything that comes from you is yours.  But if you wanna give me everything you own, I won't complain.